Wildlife offers photography equipment for rent for a wide range of filming and photography activity: outdoor and indoor; daytime and nighttime; regular or extreme weather conditions; filming while the filming crew is present, or using full camouflage; cinema, TV, advertising and nature photography; video and photo shoots.

For what type of filming and photography is the equipment rented from Wildlife suitable?

The photography equipment that Wildlife rents out is suitable for any situation, terrain, weather, lighting style, and any other special client requirements. In addition to the "standard" photography equipment, the company offers adapted photography equipment and solutions for any need or situation, in accordance with the client's requirements, budget, and location of the filming or photography site.

Is Wildlife’s equipment suitable for filming and photography under special conditions?

Wildlife works with and rents equipment to hundreds of professional filming and photography projects at any given time. This high work volume, combined with the company's ongoing cooperation with the best manufacturers of professional photography equipment around the world, enables the company to offer its clients extremely attractive prices.

How are Wildlife’s rental prices so attractive?

Wildlife aspires to perfectly adapt solutions and rental packages for its diverse clientèle, including photographers, producers, directors, TV staff, advertising teams, and more. In addition to the core equipment the company offers for rent, we also provide clients with special photography equipment for any purpose, need, constraint, and budget.

Does Wildlife customize photography equipment packages for clients?

Our photography consultants and procurement staff keep themselves constantly up-to-date on innovations in photography and filming products and technologies offered by the world's leading manufacturers and brands. In addition to being updated directly, we make sure that our professionals visit leading photography exhibitions, participate in professional conferences, take part in workshops of leading photographers around the world, and carry out professional tours of production sets where films, TV, advertisements, and nature films are being filmed.

How does Wildlife manage to offer the most up-to-date photography equipment at any given time?

Wildlife does not only provide photography equipment rental services, but also accompanies and supports the client throughout the rental period. In addition to the professional manuals for every equipment item we supply, we operate a 24/7 service and support center that provides clients with professional support on operating the equipment, handling malfunctions, and replacing faulty equipment.

Does Wildlife provide ongoing support for operating the equipment and dealing with malfunctions?

Wildlife has a large stock of photography and support equipment, including cameras, lenses, reflectors, transmitters, tripods, bags, etc. This rich inventory, which includes many items of each category and product at any given time, enables us to respond quickly and provide short supply times for all our products. The manufacturers and suppliers we work with are also aware of the ever-changing requirements and scope of activity of our clientèle, and therefore provide us with items at short notice.

What are the supply times for the photography equipment rented on Wildlife's site?

Wildlife offers its clients two main pricing models— A one-time rental price for equipment and another price for long-term rental of various photography equipment. The prices for long-term rental are very attractive, and include additional service packages, such as routine support for operating the products, a technical representative who comes to the set if necessary, immediate supply of alternative equipment in case of a malfunction, etc.

What is the pricing model for renting equipment on the Wildlife website?